Savannah Tang’s personal website. Welcome!

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, where I am advised by Prof. Alan Scheller-Wolf, Prof. Sridhar Tayur, and Prof. Alan Montgomery. I earned a Master’s degree in Machine Learning from CMU’s School of Computer Science. Before coming to CMU, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Tsinghua University.

My research concentrates on data-driven decision-making for important real-world applications such as organ allocation, child welfare, and personalization. I am dedicated to conducting operations and artificial intelligence (AI) research for positive social impact. Two main themes of my research are:

  • Strategies for allocating critical yet limited resources efficiently and fairly. Specifically, I have developed decision support models for organ allocation, and human-AI teaming in child welfare.
  • Adaptive learning algorithms for dynamic environments. I am keen on developing innovative models and algorithms for scenarios involving learning by doing or nonstationary demand patterns. Thus far, I have applied novel algorithms to applications in surgical learning and personalized marketing.

More details can be found on my CV.